AOPA NZ Pilots: how to keep fire safe

You would have seen numerous fire warnings around the country, and predictions of a long, hot summer. In many parts, there is a lot of dry fuel (long grass, trees, vegetation etc). Please make sure you are playing your part in keeping aviation-related fire risk to a minimum.

So what can you do to reduce the risk of accidentally starting a fire in these conditions?

Here’s our list. Feel free to send in any useful suggestions …

  • Have someone on fire watch when you start up 
  • Have fire extinguishers ready 
  • Irrigate/wet down areas where you start up and around your hangar, if water restrictions allow
  • Start up/park up/run up in areas clear of vegetation 
  • Re-consider where you might fly based on fire risk: in the worst scenarios your $1-million liability insurance may not go very far 
  • Don’t over prime. In warm conditions, you might not need the same starting technique you use when it’s winter/cooler 
  • If you operate off a private strip, mow your strip, mow around your hangar and taxiway (we all love any excuse to mow huh)
  • Let services know if you see what could be an unknown fire while you’re flying around. Early detection is key.  

Keep safe out there.