Was the season to … get flying

We’re catching up on some of the smaller fly-ins which took place over the festive season.

In Marlborough, days before Christmas, Geoff van Asch was looking at a spreadsheet, and his mind wandered to flying. “I know,” he thought. I’ll put the BBQ on.” It was nearly Christmas, after all, and any excuse for aviating, right?

So he made a few calls and asked for a note to be put into the last AOPA NZ update for 2023. And then he got is BBQ apron on, and waited. He didn’t have to wait long. AOPA NZ members are keen.

On the 23rd of December, nine aircraft landed near Geoff’s BBQ for a chin wag and some aviating. Geoff claims that he didn’t burn the sausages. We might have heard otherwise …

After a quick snarler or two and the usual banter, said aviators headed on their merry (Xmas) way, while a smaller group diverted off for a beach landing in a picturesque spot not too far from Geoff’s airstrip. Four planes landed, allowing more time for aviation-style chin wagging before the group set off again.

All in all, a great deviation from spreadsheets and a nice way to combine burnt sausages and a beach landing.

Thanks Geoff for your hospitality and – erm – cooking.