Johan Vlok BBQ brunch Darfield Saturday 13th Jan

AOPA NZ member Johan Vlok is hosting an early BBQ brunch at his farm near Darfield, Canterbury this coming Saturday 13th Jan, from 10am onwards. The plan is to enjoy a catch-up, tell a few obligatory tall story’s, and get home before the forecast afternoon winds arrive. Johan plans to fire up his BBQ and cook some Boerewors Sausage, eggs, and bread rolls, with tea and coffee.

If you like the sound of that, see the attached coordinates below for Johan’s farm. There is an approximate landing distance available of 500m, with a mown strip length of 300m. Keep an eye out for an irrigator in the field that will be well out of the way. It’s only 2nm south of Darfield, so avoid overflying the town where possible. 43:30.300S 172:04.100E

Please register as usual so we can order an appropriate amount of Sausage, eggs etc. Click Here

Feel free to phone:
Ian             027 432 4150
John    027 526 2111
Nev             029 129 6320
Johann  021 294 9693

Nev, Ian, John, Johann.