One night Haast winter fly-in a blast!

After the disappointment of having to cancel the original Haast Winter Fly-in (planned for 8-10 July), we were pleased to be able to bring a short notice one night format to fruition last weekend.

On Monday (18th) it looked like the weather would be OK so we met and discussed the prospect of pulling the trigger on an overnight fly-in for the next weekend.

The plus side of a short notice fly-in is that we can be fairly confident of the weather, the downside is that for some people it is not enough notice.

We mustered 25 airplanes and 40 people. There were plenty of smiles and we were able to accommodate group flying on both Saturday and Sunday.

Big ups to Shaun, Kevin, John, Sue, Murray and Dave for pulling this together and especially working with strip owners for access during the weekend.

Thanks to everyone who attended. A great weekend.

Keep your eyes out for the Darfield Spring Fly-in , date TBA soon.