Kurow fly-in

Twenty-six aircraft flew into Gary Hawkin’s airstrip on a beautiful late autumn day in May, reiterating the value of the one-day fly-in format. The strip is located amongst rough riverbed terrain on the south side of the Waitaki River, just a short stroll from Kurow township. 

The strip had been checked in advance for rabbit holes and was in very good condition, suiting all aircraft types, from Cessna taildraggers to a group of retractable Alpis. Parking was tight but quickly sorted when the gate to an adjoining paddock was opened, allowing the high wing planes to move off the strip. 

Highlight of the day was the cream scones provided by AOPA member Dave Blair, who has a holiday house in the town.

This article first appeared in the Spring 2021 edition of Approach Magazine, the dedicated magazine of AOPA NZ, which is published quarterly.