This page has links to install  the AOPA NZ mobile app for phones and tablets, and to view via the browser version. 

This app is used to share airstrip information with members who come to flyins.

Haast Winter Fly-in 2021 

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To access the app on a tablet or phone do the following two steps

1/ Go to “Google Play” or the Apple “App Store” and install “Appsheet” , you do not need to open it after installing

2/ Now use this link to install the AOPA Flyin app, a screen will come up, choose the option “Install Flyin Strips”. Choose  “Allow” or “Ok” for any required app priviledges. the app to access your location.

On “ithings”( iphones and ipads) do the following steps.

Choose the option to preview the app in your browser, option is below the thin box. Accept app privilege requests etc
Close app, Close browser. Select the appsheet icon. The app should load.

To view the same data in a web page use this link