Blue Light Flights – AOPA NZ members give back

AOPA NZ has a longstanding relationship with the Police Blue Light charity.  Our members offer their planes and time to take young people for a flight experience that is often their first experience in a small aircraft.

We are looking to run the day on or around the 14th of May, depending on local weather and possible conflicting activities. We run the day by matching an AOPA NZ co-ordinator with a Blue Light co-ordinator in each area who work out the specific logistics of each location together.

To start this process we are contacting all of the AOPA NZ co-ordinators from last year’s Blue Light Flight day to see if they will coordinate for us again. If you are in an area that does not participate in the Blue Light Flight day and you would like to coordinate in your area please contact

Steve is building a list of all AOPA NZ’s co-ordinators and liaising with the national coordinator of Blue Light.  This is a very rewarding way to share your passion for aviation and give many young people an experience that may not be available to them in another way.

If you are keen to offer your plane and time to be a AOPA NZ Blue Light Flight Pilot watch this space for future calls for pilots in your area.