A cracker day at Poolburn Dam ODF

Murray Paterson provided the following report of the One Day Fly-in held at Poolburn Dam.

We woke to a cool southerly and a report of 15 kts SW at the Poolburn Dam. One of our members has a house beside the water’s edge at the Dam. He kept us up to date as the morning went on.

Claire and I arrived in time to spend half and hour checking and filling rabbit holes and scratchings.

As the day wore on, the weather just got better and better. We ended with 14 aircraft and 1 helicopter.

The fly-in turned out to be a great outing. A few were picked up by Craig Buist who has the house and taken over to the dam. They checked out the twoshort strips on the ground then tried them out for real on the way home.

There was a really good mix and there was lots of chat and the next generation even flew gliders off the high rocks and kept the aviators well entertained.

No rabbits were harmed in the lead up to this ODF.