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Premium wines – ‘the good stuff’

A reminder for those that might not have seen

We have worked with Glover Family Vineyards (zephyr) who have blended and bottled a couple of premium wines just for us!

There is a 2018 Central Otago Pinot Noir and a 2020 Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, both only offered in ½ dozen cases.

Pricing is by the ½ dozen,

$125 for the Pinot Noir and $75 for the Sauvignon Blanc, 

the price is free delivery to your door IF you buy a whole dozen, or more.

anywhere in NZ, but only NZ.   that is good value and very competitive.

Order now (before 5pm 14th June) 

and bulk dispatch will be on 15th June 

Just remember we dispatch in bulk to save cost.

First in first served.

Knowledgeable people like our very own  Sommelier, 

Dr. Steve Brown have for example said:

Savvy is 10/10, excellent nose and guavas in flavour, very sophisticated……..


Follow your nose and the following link, you will need a password or you won’t get in!

Password is:  Redbaron ( Note : Capital R lowercase edbaron )


Order away and confidently pay with your credit card on the zephyr site   it is safe



Geoff van Asch for AOPA NZ